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Father arrested for allegedly using son as shield against police

The image of a father holding his son tends to bring affectionate contact such as pats on the back or jabs to the upper arm.

It brought Darnal Mundy the contact of a taser, twice, because, Miami-Dade Police say, he used Darnal Mundy Jr. as a shield while having his hand on a gun during an April 15 confrontation with police.

According to the offense-incident report written by Officer Joseph Cruz, North Dade resident Durphise Jean called police after Mundy planted himself in Jean’s 4-door Nissan Altima while holding their son. Cruz’s report says his partner asked Mundy, who lives elsewhere in unincorporated North Dade, to get out of the car several times. Cruz said he opened the rear passenger side door and asked Mundy to remove himself from the car. While Mundy stayed in the car, Cruz said, he saw Mundy lean to his left while grabbing the handle of a black revolver in his right front pocket.

This prompted a “Gun!” yell, Cruz wrote, as well as a drawing of his gun. Cruz wrote that Mundy twisted his body to the right, putting Mundy Jr. between his father and Cruz’s gun. Cruz says Mundy ignored Cruz’s commands to take his hand off the gun while yelling, “Don’t kill me!” The report then says Jean ran in front of Cruz’s gun, and that prompted the officer to circle around the car to the driver’s side and tase Mundy in the back. That allowed Cruz’s partner to relieve Mundy of the gun and Mundy Jr., who was given to Jean.

Cruz said as they handcuffed Mundy, he seemed ready to put up a struggle so Cruz applied the taser again. Mundy, who made his $5,000 bond, faces charges of felony child abuse without harm, using a weapon to commit a felony and a misdemeanor charge of resisting an officer without violence.

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