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Robbery, shooting, crashes add up to 15-block crime scene in North Miami-Dade

A robbery, a shooting, a couple of crashes resulted in a 15-block crime scene in North Miami-Dade.

The shooting took place at a trailer park near Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 136th Street, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

The seeds were actually planted a few days ago with the mugging of a 14-year-old girl, with the suspects taking her gold chain.

Residents said the same people tried to rob again, and that turned into a shooting.

“Shot at four kids, running this time. They did not get ’em,” resident Everett O’Neil told CBS4. “They got scared. Shot numerous times. I heard seven, 10 times.”

Following the failed robbery, the duo took off.

The suspects were heading north on Biscayne Boulevard when their black Lexus plowed into an SUV.

North Miami Beach police caught the two suspects, whose identities were not released.