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North Miami Beach animal shelter in need of foster homes for kittens

Riri, who is four to five weeks old, is in need of a foster home.
Riri, who is four to five weeks old, is in need of a foster home. Humane Society of Greater Miami

With kittens being dropped off at The Humane Society of Greater Miami by “the box load,” workers are scrambling to find temporary homes for the newborns until they are old enough to be adopted.

Laurie Hoffman, the shelter’s executive director, said the North Miami Beach shelter currently has about 200 kittens that are not yet adoptable, and need a temporary home.

“Being a foster parent to a kitten, is like being an aunt or uncle,” Hoffman said. “You get to play with them and love them and then give them back.”

Hoffman said it is “the season,” for litters to be born and families are being brought to the shelter. In the last few days, 50 kittens have arrived at the shelter.

Sometimes the kittens are only days old and have been separated from their mother.

In that case, the kittens need to be nursed and need to gain weight before they can be spayed or neutered. It is generally a couple of months before a kitten would be put up for adoption.

Foster parents will be given the tools they need to help raise the kitten, including food and supplies.

For more information, visit, call 305-749-1821 or email