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Police say they were out for their weekly bike ride when a driver tried to kill them

The surveillance video shows a car recklessly shooting across two lanes of Northeast Sixth Avenue traffic and away from North Miami police officers on bicycles.

North Miami cops say he didn’t just drive away from police. He tried to drive over officers in an act of attempted murder.

The car has a blue color scheme interrupted by a silver door. Police say officers finishing their weekly community bike ride on Thursday saw a “suspicious vehicle” at the rear of an apartment building at 12990 NE Sixth Ave.

“As officers approached the stopped vehicle, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and then acclerated forward as he attempted to drive over the officers,” the police recounted on a release headlined “Attempted Murder of Police Officers.” “He continued at a high rate of speed through the driveway, running over one of the officer’s bicycles, toward an additional group of officers. The officers had to jump out of the vehicle’s path to avoid death or injury.”

Anyone with information on the incident can call North Miami Police at 305-891-8111 or, for a possible $2,000 reward, Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 (TIPS).

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal