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‘We are going to hunt this person down,’ cops say of ghoulish-looking killer

The killer wore an Ecko jacket — Kill Batman written in large, white block letters on its left sleeve, and HaHa written on its back. The hoodie, when closed, was the head of The Joker, Heath Ledger version.

In his right hand, a black semiautomatic.

Whoever was wearing that ghoulish outfit is a killer, police say. Dillon Bud Calvin Steve, 26, was shot as he made a withdrawal at a North Miami Beach ATM. Cops are still searching for clues.

Late Thursday evening police made an arrest, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS 4.

They believe the shooter stalked his victim, yet they also consider it a crime of opportunity. They don’t know the shooter’s name. But a picture of his face — caught on a surveillance camera as he committed the crime — couldn’t be more clear.

He almost stared right at the camera.

“We are going to catch you,” said North Miami Police Maj. Richard Rand. “We are going to hunt this person down. This is totally unacceptable.”

Calvin Steve was gunned down a little before 9 p.m. Wednesday after pulling up to an ATM at the back of Bank of America at 1199 NE 163rd St., with his mother in the passenger seat.

Police said Calvin Steve got out of the car and made his way to the automated teller machine at the back of the bank when the shooter surprised him from behind. The name of his mother, who witnessed the incident, has not been released, police said, because of a new witness protection bill passed in Tallahassee last summer.

The shooter, Rand said, took off on foot. The police major said Calvin Steve was robbed, but he declined to say how much money the shooter got away with.

Workers and customers at a nearby restaurant ran to the scene to try and save Calvin Steve, who was taken to Aventura Hospital, where he died during surgery. Rand said there are some other witnesses, as well.

The family, who police said are shellshocked, have so far chosen to remain silent. North Miami Beach police have requested video from Bank of America and Rand said it was on the way to South Florida Thursday afternoon.

To get a jump on the video — which police expect to release to the public — Rand said he sent detectives to a Bank of America corporate office in Fort Lauderdale with the intent of intercepting it.

Police have also chosen not to disclose how many shots were fired or where Calvin Steve was hit. They think it’s only a matter of time until the shooter is captured.

“Unfortunately for him,” said North Miami Beach Police Detective Juan Pinillos, “he left his face exposed.”

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