Soccer super-fan falls from the window of Miami bar after U.S. gives up last-second goal

Passionate soccer fans can get pretty excited. They yell, pump their fists, even start hugging people who they don’t know.

Then there is the Miami super-fan who flew through a window.

Whether Eric Corey slipped on a beer or flipped at the sudden score, he went tumbling out a Brickell-area bar, luckily landing on an awning instead of the ground below.

Portugal had just tied the U.S. on a last-second goal when Corey went out and down.

“Eric looked heartbroken,” said fellow super-fan fan Kenin Yombor, explaining that as Corey reacted to the Portugal goal, he began to lose his balance. “I saw that he knew — he spread his arms to stop himself from falling out, but he saw that he was going out the window.”

Corey is one of the leaders of the American Outlaws, a fanatical group of U.S. soccer fans. He and hundreds of others packed into Fado’s Irish Pub, 900 S. Miami Ave., on Sunday for the big match.

The super-fan had stepped onto a ledge to lead cheers in front of the large floor-to-celing windows, which had been opened to fan the stifling heat. The ledge was apparently slippery with spilled beer.

The raoucus scene was a familiar one during big games.

“He’s always up there,” said American Outlaw member West Kraemer said. “He stood where he’s stood a million times before.”

After he went out the window, Corey was taken away by paramedics. He wasn’t seriously injured.

Miami Fire Rescue Spokesman Ignatius Carroll said Corey later told paramedics he didn’t want to be taken to the hospital, and a relative picked him up.

Corey didn’t return calls Monday, but he told his friends on Facebook that he was “good, just a bit banged up.”

After the chaos on Sunday — both in the bar and on the field — Corey’s friends tried to digest what happened.

“It just hit me,” Yombor said to Kraemer. “We tied. After all that, we tied.”

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