They stole 61 cellphones at a festival, cops say. Where they hid them was the problem

Luis Hernandez and Yoarky Wilson-Ordoñez
Luis Hernandez and Yoarky Wilson-Ordoñez

With colored paint in their hair and on their clothes and a ponderous bulk to their middle-aged physiques, Luis Hernandez and Yoarky Wilson-Ordoñez matched the description of cellphone pickpockets given to Miami cops working Sunday’s Life in Color event at Mana Wynwood Convention Center.

The 61 cellphones they tried to conceal completed the identification, police said.

That’s why cops cuffed Hernandez and Wilson-Ordoñez on charges of third-degree grand theft (four counts each) and failure to report lost or abandoned property (65 counts each). Bond for each Miami resident is $73,000.

Hernandez threw down a bag and tried to make a run, but the report says the arresting officer never lost sight of the five-foot-nine, 240-pound 51-year-old before recapturing him.

There were cellphones in the bag and a rag that Wilson-Ordoñez, six-foot-two, 240 pounds, tried to hide under his jacket.

They told police they found the cellphones inside Life in Color, a music and live art event at Mana Wynwood Convention Center. They were going to take them home.

“While conducting our investigation, several victims came forward and stated that while they were inside the event, they [felt] someone grabbing or touching their bags,” the arresting officer wrote. “Once they checked, they observed their bag either slashed or open. The victims were able to identify their phone visually, code and fingerprint feature.”

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