Pecha Kucha: Twenty-second visions of a better Miami

Scattering more than 1.2 million trees across the county was only one of 20 20-second presentations on how to make Miami’s urban communities more livable Thursday night at Wood Tavern in Wynwood. The format, started in Tokyo in 2003 by a pair of architects, is called Pecha Kucha -- pronounce it as one word and let it roll off the tongue the way you would “buhdonkadonk.”

Following the recent hit-and-run accident on the Rickenbacker Causeway that killed cyclist Aaron Cohen, the "Making Miami" Pecha Kucha, held during Wood’s weekly “Bicycle Happy Hour”, brought like-minded locals together to share ideas on how Miami can change its infrastructure from one that caters to cars and traffic to a system more focused on pedestrians, bicyclists, runners, and overall livability within neighborhoods.

To read more about the Pecha Kucha, visit beachedmiami.com.