Miami Gardens - Opa-locka

Corrections officer now in jail where he works, accused of shooting his baby's mother

Miami resident David Mercado spent Tuesday at Miami-Dade's Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, which is only unusual because Mercado's on the can't-go-home side of the bars, charged with burglary and two counts of attempted murder.

Mercado's usually at TGK as a Miami-Dade Corrections officer. An arrest report says that's where he was headed Monday night, already in uniform, when he swung by the Opa-locka home of the mother of his baby child.

Accounts of what happened there differ. Opa-locka police felt evidence, including bullet holes in the front door from shots fired from the street, supported the version told by the mother and the man she was with in her house: Mercado, 46, shot her in the chest with his service gun while trying to shoot him.

As they began to investigate the shooting, Opa-locka police called Mercado's shift commander at TGK. The arrest report says the shift commander told police that Mercado had just called to say he was at Palmetto General Hospital after being hit by road debris. Police later saw Mercado at Palmetto General getting treated for "a minor chest wound."

A Miami-Dade Corrections spokesman issued a statement Tuesday afternoon, "Due to the ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment at this time regarding this incident with an MDCR officer while off duty. However, we are saddened by this tragedy and our prayers are with the victims and their families."

The mother, whose initials are "W.V.," said she was on her bed at home with the man, whose surname is "Sosa," Monday night. Mercado began knocking on the bedroom window. Sosa said Mercado was screaming, "Come out, you whore! I'm going to kill you and him!"

W.V. said she went to the front door "to calm him down." She said Mercado pushed past her on a march to the bedroom, where Sosa was lying down with the baby on the bed. Both Sosa and W.V. say W.V. got in front of Mercado as he whipped out his gun and fired at Sosa.

Sosa pulled out his own gun and began firing back at Mercado. He said Mercado retreated to the street, but kept firing back at him.

Mercado told police he went to the front door after seeing W.V. and Sosa having sex through the bedroom window. Upon entry, he claimed, he slapped Sosa and Sosa shot him. He denied ever shooting at Sosa or shooting W.V.

The police report did not indicate the condition of the woman.