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Local police, fire departments jump on ‘Running Man’ meme

Miami Beach Police Running Man Challenge

Watch Miami Beach Police attempt the #RunningManChallenge
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Watch Miami Beach Police attempt the #RunningManChallenge

Miami Beach Police have jumped on the #RunningManChallenge train with their own version on the sands of South Beach.

As the Internet trend continues to spread, the department’s Twitter account posted a video Thursday afternoon where at least 12 officers hopped out of a SUV on the sand to dance to “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs. Everyone from Deputy Chief Lauretta Hill to McGruff the Crime Dog (remember him?) gets in on the action.

On Friday Department spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told the Miami Herald the several officers had noticed the trending meme, and they decided to make their own.

“It was just a collective, ‘We should do this,’” he said. “So we arranged it, and we asked for volunteers to come and do it.”

Watch Miami Beach Fire attempt the #RunningManChallenge

In response to this video, the Miami Beach Fire Department did their own version of #RunningManChallenge and posted it to their Facebook page on Friday with the following share text:

“We busted a move & accepted Miami Beach PD's ‪#RunningManChallenge‬. It's your turn Miami-Dade Fire Rescue & City of Miami Fire Rescue Dept

City of Miami Police accepted the challenge too, passing the baton along to Miami-Dade Police, Coral Springs Police, Broward Sheriff’s Office, Tampa Police, Orlando Police and even the president.