Miami Beach

Fire claims life of woman in Miami Beach

A fire at a Miami Beach home claimed the life of a woman neighbors said was elderly and lived alone.

“She was an old lady, about 90 years old and she always had her walker,” said neighbor Carlos Espindola.

Miami Beach firefighters responded to the home near West 30th Street and Royal Palm Avenue around 7:30 p.m.

“We had heavy flames and smoke showing on the alpha side of the building. We had reports of possibly one occupant inside,” said Jesus Sola with the Miami Beach Fire Department.

Fire officials said rescue crews managed to enter the home rather quickly.

“We made an easy entrance into the building,” added Sola. “We were able to make a quick interior attack and locate the victim rapidly.

The woman was found on the second floor close to the staircase.

“We were able to go ahead and locate the victim, which we transported to Mount Sinai,” added Sola.

Neighbors smelled the smoke and went outside to see a number of fire trucks and firefighters at their neighbor’s home. They said they feared the worst for the neighbor they said barely left her home.

“Would only come out to get her mail. She’d come out and go right back in,” said Espindola.

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