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Broken gas line in Bay Harbor Islands, no known injuries

A construction crew charged with demolishing two houses broke a gas line, resulting in the smell of gas permeating the neighborhood.

“It’s appears the contractor hit a gas line and didn’t tell anybody,” said Bay Harbor Police Sgt. Alan Block.

Police officers were sent to the scene at 9900 East Bay Harbor Drive late Tuesday, but found no one to be injured.

Block said a construction crew was responsible for demolishing two old houses on the property. Construction was believed to have begun last week and was supposed to have ended on Tuesday, he added.

“This is the first project we’ve had a problem like that,” Block said.

He said the gas company sent employees out to temporarily fix the problem and that they would go back on Wednesday to locate the main issue.

Some residents were not surprised to hear about the problem.

“Our island is falling apart. People are not very pleased,” said Teri D’amico, a resident who has objected to the demolition of some of Bay Harbor Islands’ older homes. “And all they want to do is keep building.”

Victor Maya, another resident, agreed.

“It seems as though there might be a lack of interest in terms of the town's codes,” Maya said. “This is just a symptom of what the development does.”

Mayor Robert Yaffe said Tuesday night he wasn’t aware of the situation and couldn’t comment.