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Surfside develops mobile app to find restaurants, shops and hotels

Screenshot of the new Surfside app.
Screenshot of the new Surfside app.

Surfside has commissioned a mobile application where visitors can look for hotels, shops and restaurants in the town.

The app, called “Visit Surfside,” was developed by Shift Media Technologies. Its official launch date is set for Oct. 15.

Duncan Tavares, director of tourism, economic development and community services for the town, said while residents can use the app to keep up with local shopping and dining options, the app is geared to serve tourists who want to make lodging and dining arrangements.

“Primarily and foremost this is a visitor app,” he wrote in an email. “Visitors range from those wanting to stay in Surfside — hotel reservations can be made through links on the app — to those in the area at other properties for shopping and dining options..”

The monthly cost to town for the app is $900, which is paid for using resort taxes set aside for promotion and marketing of the town. This expense has been approved by the town’s tourist board.

Concierges can use the app to communicate with guests, and more than 100 businesses in Surfside’s downtown will be able to offer special deals through Surfside Circle, a free VIP program available through the app.

The app will be available for Apple and Android phones.

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