Miami Beach

Miami Beach mayoral candidate receives blackmail letter over Ashley Madison account

Miami Beach’s election season has veered into salacious territory with a mysterious letter threatening to blackmail mayoral candidate David Wieder.

Wieder, who is incumbent Philip Levine’s only challenger, said he received a letter at his law office in an envelope that read “For David’s eyes only.” The anonymous letter, titled “David Wieder’s Problems with Trust & Character,” starts by saying if Wieder goes through with his candidacy, he will have to address his use of the infidelity website Ashley Madison.

“A search of the Ashley Madison database that was leaked shows that Wieder paid nearly $100 to use the site between Jul. and Sep. 2014,” reads the note.

While speaking at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club, Wieder admitted to paying to use the site “out of curiosity” and said he never met anyone through it.

“I checked it out. It was stupid. My wife knows about it,” he said. “We’re fine. We’ve been married 47 years.”

Wieder said he was not at the office when the letter was delivered by an anonymous person, but he has his suspicions.

“Well, I only have one opponent,” he said.

Political consultant David Custin, who is running Levine’s campaign, denied involvement with the letter in an interview Tuesday. He said Levine’s camp knew about the Ashley Madison information, but he said he did not send the letter.

“The answer is no. We’re aware of it, and other people may have been aware of it,” he said, adding that he was glad Wieder admitted looking at the site. “We didn’t send it. We don’t need to send it.”

Wieder said he turned the letter over to police to investigate where it came from.

Joey Flechas: 305-376-3602, @joeflech