Miami Beach

Residents want to keep flashing pedestrian beacons on West Avenue in Miami Beach

Miami Beach drivers and pedestrians at Alton Road and West Avenue have dealt with phase after phase of construction as the city and state install pump stations to deal with flooding.

Folks who like to walk around South Beach, in particular, have contended with changing traffic flows and closed intersections and sidewalks. A traffic signal at 14th Street and crosswalk with flashing beacons were temporarily installed to help pedestrians cross West Avenue while southbound Alton Road traffic was diverted onto West.

Residents and the city want the county to consider permanently leaving these features.

The beacons at Ninth and 12th streets, where pedestrians can push buttons to flash lights to warn drivers that someone wants to cross the street, are popular features. Miami Beach spokeswoman Nannette Rodriguez said residents have told the city they wish they would remain.

“Since Miami-Dade County is the agency that determines the installation of traffic signals and pedestrian crosswalks, the city has requested that the county conduct the necessary warrant studies to evaluate the permanent installation of a traffic signal at 14th Street and pedestrian beacons at 9th Street and 12th Street along West Avenue,” she said.

County officials said it can’t yet do a study of the 14th Street signal because of construction in the area, and they have no objection to having the pedestrian lights at 9th and 12th streets.

Gayle Durham, who lives on West Avenue, said the flashing beacons and traffic signal have helped pedestrians feel safer as they walked around the neighborhood.

“We need the pedestrian flashing lights,” she said Monday.

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