Miami Beach

Driver rescued after car plunges into water off Fisher Island

An unidentified man avoided significant injuries early Tuesday morning when his car plunged into the water off Fisher Island.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokeswoman Michelle Fayed declined to identify the man and said it was unclear how old he is or how the accident happened.

“He was in very, very stable condition,” she said. “He didn’t sustain a significant amount of injuries.”

Fisher Island security notified fire rescue after it noticed that a car was submerged at 6:19 a.m. Tuesday.

When fire rescue arrived, “the gentleman was out of the car,” Fayed said. “He was a little bit confused, so we don’t have a clear answer what happened.”

The man was taken to the hospital.

Fire rescue sent a search vehicle and confirmed that no one else was inside the car. The vehicle — completely submerged — was marked for recovery, but Fayed said she didn’t know the model of the vehicle or whether it was salvageable.

Accidents of this nature off Fisher Island are unusual.

“Over the past four or five years, I don’t recall ever hearing of this,” Fayed said.