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‘We don’t want you here!’ 7-Eleven customer goes on racist rant against Hispanic clerk

A customer at a South Beach 7-Eleven went on a curse-filled tirade over a store promotion — and it was caught on video.

According to a Miami Beach police incident report, clerk Manoreys Rojas-Hernandez, who works at the store at 890 Washington Ave., told cops that the woman came into the store on Sunday afternoon to redeem points on her rewards card and get a free hot dog.

While there, she also grabbed two Big Gulp cups and filled them with condiments for her meal, read the report.

When Rojas-Hernandez tried to charge the customer for the $1 cups, which were not part of the deal, the woman went off. That’s when he began to record, he told police, who saw the video, which was posted by independent website Cibercuba and circulated to media outlets.

The clip begins at the counter, with the middle-aged woman railing against the clerk, yelling, “Latinos, you suck!! You’re not educated enough! Go back to where you came from! We don’t want you here.”

The employee responds, “You’re not American, either,” and tells her that in America you have to pay for stuff.

The irate patron, who police said had a “distinctive Middle Eastern accent,” then insults Rojas-Hernandez even further. She called his mother a Colombian prostitute. Then she gave him the finger. According to Telemundo, the clerk is from Cuba.

Amazingly, the woman came back to the store the following day around the same time, the report said.

“She approached the counter and asked to purchase two packs of cigarettes,” said the report. “Mr. Rojas-Hernandez refused service to the female and asked her to leave the establishment.”

At that point, yet another rant is captured on video by the clerk. After he tells her to leave, she again calls his mother a prostitute from Colombia and a “f------ pig,” and leaves.

Authorities say Rojas-Hernandez did not want to take action against the unknown female customer, but was offered police assistance to document a trespass warning if the customer returns to the business, but he refused.

Another 7-Eleven manager told CBS4 Rojas-Hernandez had gone on vacation and no one at the store would be able to comment on the matter.

The Miami Herald reached out to 7-Eleven corporate headquarters for comment, but has not heard back.

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