Miami Beach

Miami Beach police headquarters given the all-clear after being checked for a bomb

Miami Beach Police Department headquarters was evacuated Tuesday while it was checked by Miami-Dade Police Department’s bomb squad, the department Tweeted.

The building at 1100 Washington Avenue in South Beach was cleared around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

About two hours later the department said nothing was found and normal operations would resume.

During the evacuation, traffic was restricted near the corner of 11th Street and Washington Avenue, where the headquarters is located. The department said no emergency services were affected.

The evacuation on the Beach was Tuesday’s second scare to local police.

Early in the morning, a man called 911 saying he was going to harm Miami police officers and blow up a police station. He didn’t say which specific station or substation, but police took it seriously enough to ramp up security and tell officers to be vigilant.

The department’s Special Investigations Unit was handling the investigation.

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