Miami Beach

Miami Beach launches online tool for exploring city finances

Screenshot of Miami Beach’s OpenGov platform.
Screenshot of Miami Beach’s OpenGov platform.

Miami Beach has launched a new online tool for residents to explore the city’s finances on the web.

Through a platform called OpenGov, anyone can dive into the city’s revenues and expenditures from 2009 through the current fiscal year. The website,, will cost the city $24,975 annually.

It features several visualizations of how the city budgets its money, with graphs and percentages. While it doesn’t break down the expenses to the nitty-gritty specifics — you can see how much money it set aside for the Normandy Shores Golf Course, but not exactly what was purchased — the platform offers a wealth of information to query, comparisons from year to year and links to the city’s full budget books.

John Woodruff, director of the Beach’s Office of Budget and Performance Improvement, said in a statement that the site is a good resource to track changes to the city’s finances over time.

“Maintaining budget data on OpenGov’s platform answers frequently asked questions, such as, ‘What has the city spent on police over the past five years?’ or ‘How have tax revenues changed over the past five years?’” he said.

The city of Miami debuted the same service through OpenGov in January. Miami and the Beach are among two of 16 governments in Florida that use OpenGov.

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