Miami Beach

Father faced an AK-47 while holding a child in South Beach Christmas robbery

A Christmas morning driveway robbery left a South Beach family without a car and other valuables, according to a Miami Beach police report.

The robbery occurred around 3 a.m. in the 1400 block of Bay Road, across the street from the southern part of Flamingo South Beach apartments.

The incident report says Oleksandr Fumarov told police after parking his car in the driveway, he and a friend went into the house. He left the car running because Andriy Kyryllov remained in the back seat with a snoozing 7-year-old on his lap.

Fumarov said he came back out to talk with Kyryllov. That’s when Kyryllov saw two men heading toward them from the north side of the house.

One of the robbers pointed a short barrel AK-47 at Fumarov while demanding keys, wallet and phone.

After Fumarov did as demanded, he said, the robber walked around the corner and demanded the same of Kyryllov while he held the child. The robbers then took off in the car, which contained an electric scooter.

Police found the car, a blue 2018 Dodge Challenger, by Wednesday afternoon and were interviewing one person.

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