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What happened after a Miami Beach cop saved a kitten? PETA stepped forward

Storm, the rescued kitten
Storm, the rescued kitten /Miami Beach Police Department

A group of people on Collins Avenue flagging down a pair of Miami Beach police officers on a Monday night led to one of the officers getting a new pet and the department getting an award from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Not a crime, but a cat crisis caused folks to alert Sgt. Melissa Negron and Officer Tony Yarusso to a problem on Nov. 5. Meows could be heard from a storm drain.

Yarusso lifted the cover off the drain and Negron reached in to work the kitten free.

He named the kitten “Storm” and, after a little medical care, took the kitten home to live with his family.

That earned the Miami Beach Police Department one of PETA’s Compassionate Police Department Awards.

“Thanks to Officer Yarusso’s and Sergeant Negron’s quick actions, this tiny kitten was spared a terrifying death in a dark and damp storm drain,” PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien said in a stement.