Miami Beach

Officers stop a rape in Miami Beach, make arrest

Frankie Moicon
Frankie Moicon

A man was arrested early Sunday after authorities say Miami Beach police officers stopped him from raping an elderly woman at the entrance to the lobby of an apartment building.

Frankie Moicon, 26, was booked into jail on charges of attempted sexual battery, battery on the elderly and resisting officers with violence.

Police say the woman, in her 70s, had awoken after police officers were called to investigate a nearby traffic crash about 4:30 a.m. The man appeared out of nowhere and attacked her in the entranceway of her building in the 4100 block of Jefferson Avenue, breaking her nose while trying to rape her, police said.

But two Miami Beach police officers rushed to the apartment after hearing her cries for help, saving the woman.

Moicon is expected to make his first appearance in court early Monday.