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Mom’s phone calls halted a rape. Then the suspect delivered himself at Burger King.

Delmar OSullivan
Delmar OSullivan

The suspect in a Christmas night rape on the sands of South Beach delivered a gift before the holidays were over, according to Miami Beach police — himself, via a social media message to the victim.

Delmar OSullivan’s arrest report says the victim called Miami Beach police, then told OSullivan she’d meet him after he contacted her. At the meeting, around 1 a.m. New Year’s Eve, police arrested OSullivan on charges of sexual battery, battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment. The 23-year-old West Park resident is being held without bond on the kidnapping charge.

The victim told police OSullivan approached her as she walked north along the boardwalk between 15th and 21st streets around 10:30 p.m. on Christmas. After the joint-smoking OSullivan made small talk, he began to get touchy feely, despite the woman pushing his hands away several times and saying he was making her uncomfortable, according to police.

She rejected OSullivan’s requests to go with him down to the shore, she said, but OK’d a hug because she was scared. OSullivan took advantage of the hug to grab the woman’s butt and breasts, then request a kiss. The woman said she refused that, at which point OSullivan picked her up over his shoulder and carried her down to the shoreline.

Upon setting her down on beach chairs, OSullivan moved her underwear aside and resumed his groping over the woman’s protests. What halted OSullivan from going further, the woman said, was her mother calling her cellphone several times.

“The victim explained that she was in complete fear of serious bodily harm, causing her to not run, scream or fight,” the arrest report says.

The woman’s next contact with OSullivan came when he sent her a social media message asking to meet. She agreed to meet at the Burger King Whopper Bar at 11th Street and Washington Avenue — which is across the street from the Chief Rocky Pomerance Plaza, home of the Miami Beach Police Department.

The arrest report says OSullivan admitted to carrying, hugging and groping, but not to penetration.

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