Miami Beach

Beach police arrest man known as ‘Cuba’ in fatal stabbing of man known as ‘Africa’

Humberto “Cuba” Armenteros
Humberto “Cuba” Armenteros Miami-Dade Corrections

Miami Beach police have made an arrest and released more details in a fatal stabbing last Thursday morning.

Police arrested 32-year-old Humberto Armenteros — known as “Cuba” by a witness to the crime — and have charged him with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Charles Mensah.

Mensah’s friend and neighbor Robert Parr said that Mensah — known to him as “Africa” — was at his apartment, 1241 14th St., sleeping after getting into a fight with Armenteros. Parr told investigators that he saw Armenteros stab Mensah several times with a kitchen knife before running away.

Investigators later interviewed Elizabeth Garrido, who goes by “Flaca,” and said she told them Armenteros was from the Overtown area and told her that he stabbed Mensah.

Police found Armenteros in Overtown and arrested him.

He has been arrested for several offenses since 2003, including burglary, grand theft auto, cocaine possession and aggravated battery.

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