Miami Beach

Miami Beach police officer fired after being accused of drinking on off-duty job

A Miami Beach police officer accused of being drunk in uniform while working off duty at a South Beach nightclub has lost his job.

Sgt. Mike Muley was fired Friday, according to Miami Beach police.

Muley’s firing comes eight months after an anonymous call to 911 set off an internal investigation into the sergeant’s behavior while working an off-duty job at Mango’s Cafe at Ocean Drive and Ninth Street.

In a statement released Friday, Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates said, “My action speaks for itself. This officer terribly embarrassed the police department and all his peers, as well as the entire city of Miami Beach.”

Muley’s attorney, Eugene Gibbons, released a statement on the firing: “We are disappointed with the city’s knee-jerk reaction and we look forward to having an independent decision maker reviewing all the facts and circumstances of this case. We are confident Sgt. Muley’s termination will be reversed.”

Officers lost interest in off-duty work on Ocean Drive after new rules were put in place on off-duty jobs. Officers can work off-duty at nightclubs, but they must receive proper training, rotate shifts every two or three hours and stay outside unless police action is necessary.