Miami Beach

Bay Harbor Islands bans Styrofoam from restaurants

Starting in May, Styrofoam will no longer be permitted in Bay Harbor Islands restaurants.

The town council approved an ordinance Monday on second reading to ban the use of the product by town restaurants, food trucks and vendors, citing environmental concerns.

Councilwoman Kelly Reid, who sponsored the ordinance, says the restaurant owners she consulted with were supportive of a shift to more eco-friendly products.

Some council members expressed concerns about the financial burden it would have on the restaurants to buy the more costly alternatives.

“Perhaps we should do it by resolution and cut down on the enforcement of it because if there is a mini-mart or pizza place that really relies heavily [on Styrofoam],” Councilman Isaac Salver said.

But Councilwoman Stephanie Bruder argued that the minimal cost difference should not deter the council members from doing what they believe is in the residents’ best interest.

“This is taking a stand and saying that we want to do something for our children and our town that might cost a penny or two more, but in the long run is worth it,” Bruder said. “Our waterways are worth it. Our streets are worth it.”

Ultimately, the ban was unanimously passed as an ordinance.