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Miami Beach Commissioner Joy Malakoff won’t seek reelection in November

Commissioner Joy Malakoff attends a Miami Beach commission meeting on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.
Commissioner Joy Malakoff attends a Miami Beach commission meeting on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.

Miami Beach Commissioner Joy Malakoff announced Tuesday that she will not seek reelection in November.

Malakoff, a retired banker, announced the decision in a letter to friends and neighbors and cited health concerns as her reason for not pursuing another four years in office.

“During my July vacation I had a terrible accident. I underwent spinal surgery due to extensive thoracic and cervical damage. I had expected to fully recover within three months. Now it is almost six months and I do not have the same stamina, and experience continual discomfort,” Malakoff wrote.

Her decision will now provide an additional seat to fill on the city commission and is the latest domino to fall after Mayor Philip Levine announced he would not pursue a third two-year term as mayor. Commissioner Michael Grieco has filed to run for Levine’s seat, creating another vacancy on the commission dais. On Tuesday, attorney Josh Levy announced he would run for Grieco’s old seat.

Levine and Malakoff’s 2013 campaigns were run by political consultant David Custin, and they both won in runoff elections. Malakoff’s competition included former Mayor Matti Herrera Bower. During her time on the commission, Malakoff has served as chair of the land use and development committee.

“I have been honored to serve with a brilliant, caring lady in Joy Malakoff,” Levine said.

She recently pushed for a city charter amendment asking voters if architects and landscape architects who serve on city land-use boards could be allowed to appear before other boards of which they are not members. Both types of architects often speak before land-use boards, such as the Historic Preservation Board and Planning Board, to present building projects. The amendment failed in November when about 58 percent of voters said no.

In summer 2014, Malakoff sought to remove the name “Arthur Godfrey Road” from 41st Street, arguing that the 1950s broadcaster was no longer relevant. That move failed in a 4-3 vote at a January 2015 meeting and Godfrey’s name remains.

Malakoff said she plans to remain involved with the city and will offer more details on her decision at the next city commission meeting on Jan. 25.

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