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Little Havana man shoots at neighbors over argument about stray cats

José Estrada
José Estrada Miami

A Little Havana resident was jailed following a dispute with neighbors over feeding stray cats that ended with shots being fired and the incident captured on video.

The argument started in an apartment building in the 2000 block of West Seventh Street in Little Havana.

The couple that was shot at told NBC 6 that they left food for stray cats in the halls of the building, something the neighbor, José Estrada, 70, did not like.

In a heated discussion, which was recorded via a cell phone, Estrada arrived at the victims’ door and engaged in a heated exchange with them in Spanish. The situation escalated and Estrada ultimately pulled out a gun and shot several times into the home.

In the video, the couple can be seen running to the upper floors for protection, and someone is heard yelling in Spanish to call the police.

The victims, who were not identified, were not injured in the shooting incident.

According to court documents, Estrada was taken to jail Thursday afternoon. He faces charges of attempted murder and bail was set at $ 10,000.