Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne extends town manager’s contract

Key Biscayne council members agreed to extend the village manager’s contract for another four years.

John C. Gilbert has been Key Biscayne’s manager since 2011. He will receive a 2.5 percent salary increase from last year, and beginning Oct. 1, 2015, he stands to receive the same cost of living adjustment as other village employees.

Council member Michael E. Kelly did not initially vote to appoint Gilbert as manager, but he is satisfied with the work Gilbert has done over the years.

“I’m impressed with what he has done for the village,” Kelly said. “The changes are deserved.”

The council voted 6-1 to approve the manager’s contract, with only council member Edward London dissenting. London wanted to change the terms of Gilbert’s contract by using an incentive pay model. London suggested reducing Gilbert’s proposed salary of approximately $190,000 by $50,000 and giving him a 5 percent salary increase for every million dollars he slashed from the budget.

Mayor Frank Caplan disagreed.

“Tying compensation to that type of savings could invite questions that worry me,” Caplan said.

Kelly was not opposed to incentive-based compensation, but said he did not want to give incentives to cut services and said the proposed model could create a moral hazard.

London said the model is not intended to cut services, but to make more efficient government by treating cost-cutting like a business and giving Gilbert the opportunity to make more money than he would with a fixed salary.

“In all due respect, if I saved any more money for the village, it won’t be to line my pockets,” Gilbert said.