Too drunk to drive? Maybe. Too drunk to escape police custody? Guess not.

Allegedly being drunk didn’t prevent Roberto Cuadra from leading police on a chase Thursday morning.
Allegedly being drunk didn’t prevent Roberto Cuadra from leading police on a chase Thursday morning.

Miami-Dade police took a driver with a DUI-soaked past into custody Thursday morning. They say he looked, sounded and smelled drunk as they put handcuffs on him and shoved him into the back of a police cruiser.

They wound up chasing him through a Kendall neighborhood after he escaped.

A perimeter and K-9 officers brought Kendall’s Roberto Cuadra back into custody before booking him on charges of escape; resisting an officer without violence; possession of prescription/new drugs without a prescription; DUI, fourth offense DUI or more.

Cuadra’s voluminous rap sheet includes misdemeanor battery, temporary domestic violence injunction, trespassing, but also disorderly intoxication and three DUI’s. Along with owing the state $6,891.15 from the last DUI, Cuadra lost his driver’s license permanently.

That didn’t prevent him from driving a 2001 Ford F-150 pickup truck to a Kendall woman’s place in the 16400 block of Southwest 85th Lane in Thursday’s predawn hours.

Police say a woman called them to report a shirtless white man drove up to her place in a black pickup truck before throwing rocks at her window. The arrest report says an officer responding to the call saw the Ford truck run a stop sign while making a right turn off Southwest 165th Avenue. Between the stop sign and recognizing the pickup as the one described in the call, the officer possessed ample reason to stop the truck at Southwest 88th Street and 167th Avenue.

Two more officers arrived for backup. From the smell of Cuadra’s breath, glassy eyes and “low, mumbled” speech, the cops thought Cuadra might be impaired, so called in a fourth officer. After Cuadra failed the standard field tests for sobriety, police wrote, and they found some little white tablets squirreled away, they wanted a urine sample. Cuadra refused that and a breathalyzer. A check of his records showed he shouldn’t have been behind a wheel anyway — license suspended indefinitely, a punishment triggered by the DUIs.

Police took Cuadra to the nearest Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, where they drew up a warrant to take his blood for a blood test. After finishing, they came out to the cruiser where they’d left a window open because Cuadra felt congested. They arrived in time to see him reaching out the open window to open the door. Cuadra got out of the handcuffs simply by willing to sacrifice some skin as he pushed his hands through the handcuffs.

Cuadra fled down Southwest 163rd Avenue and over a 6-foot high fence. A perimeter was established and K-9 units arrived. Eventually, the dogs found Cuadra under a parked car in the 7300 block of Southwest 162nd Place.

Cuadra’s being held at Turner-Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

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