Homestead - South Dade

Wild road rage on streets of Homestead ends in two arrests

Kristiian Rosa
Kristiian Rosa

Police have arrested two people after a dangerous road rage incident along the streets of Homestead.

GoPro video captured from the helmet of Rone Gonzalez, 44, who while riding his motorcycle captured the moment that sparked the aggressive actions between him and another driver, Kristiian Rosa, 30.

Gonzalez said it all started when he was cut off by Rosa while on his way to work.

Footage showed the two exchanging words while stopped at a red light, before Gonzalez slaps Rosa’s side mirror and takes off.

The two then raced through the streets, getting dangerously close to each other and other cars, including the bike splitting lanes and driving in between vehicles.

Police made the arrests Wednesday. Gonzalez was charged with reckless driving. Rosa faces a reckless driving charge, as well as aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.