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Homestead voters select a new mayor and fill two council seats on election night

The Homestead election has come to a close and voters have decided who they want running their city.

With three positions up for grabs — mayor, Council Seat 2 and Council Seat 3 — voters chose former city councilman Steven Losner, Sean Fletcher and incumbent Larry Roth, respectively.

In the September primary, fewer than 3,000 residents cast ballots out of 32,420 registered voters, to whittle the 10-candidate field to six for Tuesday’s general election.

On Tuesday, 3,360 residents cast a ballot.

For the mayoral race, Losner, 58, received 1,841 votes, or about 55% of the total. He beat former mayor Jeff Porter who received 1,480 votes, or about 45%.

Losner served on the City Council from 2001 to 2007. He ran for mayor in 2011 against Steven Bateman and lost.

In his first term as mayor, he wants to start fixing issues that remain from when he was a councilman.

Some of those projects include revitalizing southwest Homestead, reusing old City Hall and utilizing the land under the recently demolished Homestead baseball stadium.

“There are a lot of, what I would call, structural issues at the city,” Losner said.

He also said the police shortage in the city has not been addressed, as Police Chief Al Rolle has said the city needs 40 more officers.

“Today, Homestead voters sent a clear message that they are ready to see progress made for our city,” Losner said. “I’m grateful for the support and trust of my community, and I intend to lead with the promise I made when I entered the race with integrity and a commitment to solutions.”

steven losner.jpg
Mayoral Candidate Steven Losner Steven Losner

In the race for Council Seat 2. Fletcher, 47, won with 1,882 votes, or about 58% of the total. Maytan, 52, received 1,379 votes, or about 42%.

Fletcher is the security manager for Florida Power & Light’s Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station and has worked for FPL in various position for 22 years.

Issues that he will be focusing on are hiring more police officers, reducing traffic congestion and fixing low city employee morale.

“We need to focus on the city of Homestead, its workers and the residents of this community to make sure their voices are heard.”

Fletcher has been a reserve officer for the Homestead Police Department since 2004.

“I’m extremely grateful to the folks who have supported me for the past couple months,” Fletcher said. “The people have spoken that they want to see something different for the city of Homestead.”

Regarding his long history of working with FPL, he said he will recuse himself from issues involving the utility company.

“I want to ensure that the citizens and the employees of Homestead are treated fairly,” he said.

sean fletcher_fitted.jpeg
Council Seat 2 Candidate Sean Lee Fletcher

Voters decided that Council Seat 3 would be filled by incumbent Larry Roth. Roth, 55, received 1,800 votes, or about 55% of the total. Rea, 60, received 1,484 votes, or about 45%.

Roth was first elected to the council in 2015.

In his second term, he said he wants to focus on traffic, population density, crime, illegal dumping, trash pickup and other issues.

He also wants to work with developers to add more green and open space in projects that are in the works.

“We did it,” Roth said. “It was one of the hardest things I had to go through, but I enjoyed my time meeting new residents throughout the city.”

Larry Roth_fitted.jpeg
Incumbent Council Seat 3 Candidate Lawrence Leo Roth

The only female candidate, incumbent Patricia Fairclough, ran unopposed for a third term in Council Seat 6 and was automatically reelected in September.

Election results


Steven Losner: 55.44%, 1,841 votes

Jeffrey Porter: 44.56%, 1,480 votes

Council Seat 2

Sean Fletcher: 57.71%, 1,882 votes

Dennis Maytan Jr.: 42.29%, 1,379 vote

Council Seat 3

Larry Roth: 54.81%, 1,800 votes

William Rea: 45.19%, 1,484 votes

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