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As Steve Shiver enters Homestead mayoral race, city airs tales of ‘habitual’ cocaine use

Shiver’s last cocaine buy through him was the day the former mayor was appointed to the PBA position in January 2018, the informant told detectives.

The informant suggested detectives stage an undercover buy that might seal the deal on an arrest. “Next time Shiver calls me, I will call you, and when I deliver to his door, you can bum rush him,” the informant told a detective, according to the memo.

But the case fell apart when the informant turned double-agent; the source informed on himself to Shiver, ending the investigation. The informant eventually pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and was placed on probation.

The informant, who said he’s been friends with Shiver for a decade, was asked about Shiver’s long-term plans.

Detective: “What’s his end game? What’s he want to do?”

Informant: “...when [Florida City’s current mayor] Otis [Wallace] retires, he wants to locate to Florida City and run for mayor.” Florida City has a strong-mayor form of government.

Questions about Shiver and drug use have been raised as far back as 2001. In an article written in Miami New Times by Jim DeFede, he asked if Shiver, the surprise pick for county manager, had used any illegal drugs in the past few years.

“I’m not going to go into that,” Shiver replied. “We’ve got too much work at hand.”

An earlier New Times article said Shiver stalled before taking a drug test after being hired. After Shiver did take the test, he refused to release the results, despite previously promising to do so.

And in 2008, Shiver was pulled over by an officer in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, where he had been renovating a Western-themed amusement park. Shiver was arrested at the scene, where an officer described his eyes as being “bloodshot and glassy looking.”

“When he spoke to me, his speech was very slurred. I observed that he was very unsteady,” the officer wrote, adding that Shiver also was not able to stand on one leg. “He was very unsteady and swaying back and forth,” the officer wrote.

“You got me,” Shiver said, before asking to speak to the police chief.

The charges were eventually dropped.

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