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Miami company underpaid workers on affordable housing project by $34,000, Labor says

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A Miami subcontractor left its workers on the Modello Homes Project in Homestead short about $34,330 in pay and left the contractor-developer to pay the bill, the U.S. Department of Labor said.

The $34,330 goes to 20 employees, or $1,716.50 per employee.

According to the Labor Department, Wisconsin contractor Gorman General Contractors paid Vitri Corp., run by company president Jose Arenas, to install windows and paint on the project.

Vitri misclassified some of its painters as laborers, and paid them as such. That’s a lower wage category.

“Gorman General Contractors LLC paid the back wages owed after Vitri Corp. failed to pay and no longer worked at the site,” Labor said in its release. “...the prime contractor is responsible for the compliance and any wages owed by a subcontractor or lower-tier subcontractor.”

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