Homestead - South Dade

Lock-down lifted at Miami-Dade College Homestead campus. Suspect has not been found

Students and faculty were allowed back on the Homestead campus of Miami-Dade College late Tuesday afternoon and classes were set to resume in the early evening after a domestic violence incident forced a lock-down at the school for several hours.

Police were first alerted to the South Dade campus shortly after 10 a.m., when a female student told public safety officers that she got into an argument with her boyfriend in the parking lot and that he pushed her. She also said he owned a weapon, according to a school spokesman.

Whether or not he had a weapon during the altercation, however, was a point of contention between police and school officials. Police said they had good reason to believe “someone was on campus with a firearm” But MDC Communications Director Juan Mendieta said there was no gun used during the incident and none had been located during the search.

Live feeds from local television of the event captured students being led out of classrooms with their hands up in the air, while police escorted them outside.

“It was a domestic issue that became physical,” Mendieta said. “It was isolated and domestic in nature. The campus was never a target.

Though classes were set to resume, the suspect police were searching for had not been taken into custody or questioned by 3:30 p.m.