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Mother of 4 shot to death in South Miami-Dade

Shevone Vinson
Shevone Vinson

A South Miami-Dade mother of four was fatally shot while sitting in a car early Sunday, according to social media and news reports.

Shevone Vinson was sitting in a car on a South Miami-Dade street outside her significant other’s mother’s home around 3 a.m. when witnesses heard a second car pull up, sounds of an argument and shots fired, NBC6 and WPLG ABC-10 reported.

“I look down the street and I hear a commotion. I’m thinking a simple argument. It’s Saturday night, maybe people partying, drinking. Suddenly, I just heard boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,” witness Latroy Cross told NBC6.

“So tired of losing classmates to gun violence! R.I.P. Shevone Vinson,” one person posted on Facebook.

“Somebody shot her. It’s getting out of control down there. Why would someone do this?” another Facebook friend posted.

Miami-Dade police didn’t release information on Vinson’s shooting on Sunday afternoon.

David J. Neal