Hialeah police chase down, arrest carload of suspected carjackers

Mugshot of John Wooden, one of five suspects Hialeah police say they caught in a car stolen in a Thursday night carjacking
Mugshot of John Wooden, one of five suspects Hialeah police say they caught in a car stolen in a Thursday night carjacking Miami-Dade Corrections

An alleged carjacking in Miami late Thursday night turned into a car chase in Hialeah that devolved into a foot chase over roofs and through yards.

All this ended, Hialeah police say, with the arrest of five suspected carjackers: Luby Louis, 26; Quayon Moorer, 19; John Wooden, 19; Johnny Lemorin, 17; and Tharron Lawton, 15, all from Miami.

A car crash and a strip club figure into this plot, too. In fact, the strip club’s cameo comes early.

Hialeah police saw Lemorin driving a car stolen in a Miami carjacking near the Heads or Tails Gentlemen’s Club, 766 E. 25th St., in Hialeah, according to the arrest affidavits. Police say the car’s occupants saw the police cars also and skedaddled up East Eighth Street. A crash through a fence and into a parked car launched five characters in search of an exit.

Lemorin scampered across several backyards before being sighted on the roof of 861 E. 16th Pl. Police said he fell off the roof and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Police say K-9 Tiego found Louis under an awning near the back door of 1631 E. Eighth Ave. Police said they asked Louis to emerge from the darkness, and when he didn’t, they released the dog to attack Louis. Louis fought with Tiego and Tiego’s officer-handler before being arrested.

Moorer was found at 831 E. 16th Pl. Lawton was chased down at East Eighth Court and 15th Place. Wooden was found in a shed behind 841 E. 16th Pl.

Louis was hit with the most charges, burglary of an occupied dwelling and resisting arrest with violence in addition to three outstanding warrants from a trio of traffic convictions for knowingly driving without a license.

Lawton faces charges of burglary of an occupied car and misdemeanor resisting arrest without violence. Wooden’s hiding place got him charged with burglary of an occupied structure, a third degree felony. Moorer was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling. Lemorin was charged with resisting arrest without violence.

The Hialeah police report said the suspected carjacking was a separate case being handed by Miami police.

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