Convicted drug trafficker charged with attempted murder in stoplight shooting

Stanislav Rodriguez
Stanislav Rodriguez Miami-Dade Corrections

A man with a history of theft and moving marijuana faces the much more serious charge of attempted second-degree murder after a Saturday morning shooting at a Hialeah intersection.

In fact, Stanislav Rodriguez, 37, faces not only that charge, but also discharging a firearm from a vehicle; shooting a deadly missile; being a felon in possession of a firearm; and, from a different incident, armed robbery. Rodriguez was denied bond.

Hialeah police believe Rodriguez pulled up next to a car obeying the traffic signal at West 12th Avenue and Okeechobee Road and fired into the car, hitting the passenger. While Rodriguez’s car zoomed north on Okeechobee, the car with the struck passenger pulled into the parking lot of the Rainbow Inn Motel a half-mile away to call police.

Hialeah Fire Rescue took the passenger to the hospital. Police say the passenger, identified in online court records as Leonardo Alfaro, and Rodriguez know each other.

stanislav rodriguez as estanislo fernandez.jpg
Stanislav Rodriguez did three months in prison during 2012 under the name “Estanislo Fernandez” Florida Department of Corrections

Online Florida Department of Corrections records say Rodriguez served three months in prison during 2012 under the name “Estanislo Fernandez.” The convictions that put him there were for possessing a motor vehicle with an altered identification number; buying or selling a vessel with an altered number; and trafficking between 25 and 2,000 pounds of marijuana.

Rodriguez also got probation for third-degree grand theft auto in 2016, but wound up spending 180 days in jail after violating that probation in June 2017.

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