Hialeah man hangs dead ducks from stop sign to warn speeders

Courtesy of NBC6

Mario Moreno hung two dead ducks from a stop sign to warn drivers speeding through his Hialeah neighborhood and force them to slow down, according to an NBC6 report.

Other residents of the neighborhood in northwestern Hialeah told the news team that they were angry with the drivers who speed through the area.

Moreno said he found the dead ducks on the street Saturday. Neighbor Gilberto Perea said he approved of Moreno’s action to make drivers slow down because the speeders could hit children as well as ducks.

Another neighbor, Julia Anderson, complained that some drivers speed on the local streets as though they were a “race course.” Her own cat had been run over by a vehicle, she said.

Hialeah police officers removed the hanging ducks Monday.

Police had carried out a sweep against aggressive driving on Friday that led to 25 arrests, including one for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“Traffic safety is one of our principal priorities, and we will continue carrying out operations to stop aggressive vehicular driving in an effort to reduce the risks related to traffic in our city,” police spokesman Edward Rodriguez said in a statement.

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