Amtrak car derails at Hialeah train yard; no injuries or severe damage

An Amtrak car derailed Wednesday morning after another car, which was not attached, rolled into the side of the train in Hialeah.

Amtrak spokeswoman Kimberly Woods called it a “minor incident,” and said it happened early Wednesday at the train yard at Northwest 103rd Street and 37th Avenue as the train was going for a wash.

Woods said that when Amtrak Train 97, called the Silver Meteor, arrived in Miami from New York City, the passengers got off at the station and the train went to the yard. Two private cars were decoupled and the Amtrak equipment went for a wash, Woods said.

One of the private cars then “rolled into the side of the train and derailed one ‘truck,’ ” Woods said, causing minor damage to the Amtrak car.

The one person aboard the car, an attendant, was not hurt.

The incident is under investigation, Woods said.