Someone did something unspeakable to these horses

Crime scene in Hialeah
Crime scene in Hialeah Courtesy ARM/Facebook

Editor’s note: Some of the photos in the story are graphic.

It was a gruesome scene — even for those who have seen a lot of animal abuse.

Nonprofit organization Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) received a call Wednesday from a woman walking in a remote area in Hialeah to feed stray dogs. She had found something horrific: a chihuahua gnawing on a severed horse’s leg.

When members from ARM arrived they discovered at least 20 slaughtered horses, in various states of decomposition. Body parts were scattered about the area, near a farm east of Florida’s Turnpike at 17900 NW 129th Ave. Heads, skulls, tails and hooves were among the disturbing items found on the ground.

Police were called to the scene, reports WSVN-7.

ARM later posted on social media that this was the biggest horse slaughter and sacrifice discovery by ARM to date. Warning: The pictures are graphic.

It is unclear how long the parts were there, perhaps months, perhaps days.

Who would do this and why?

ARM’s spokeswoman Rachel Taylor told the TV station that she believes the meat is for “human consumption,” as well as used for ritual sacrifices.

The animals were likely stolen and this area is the suspects’ “dumping ground.” Taylor added.

If you have any information, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.