Hialeah fuel company must pay over $90,000 in theft case

For illegally hiking the price of gas sold to taxpayers, a Hialeah fuel company must pay over $90,000 in restitution and other fines.

Amancio Alonso, the owner of MacMillan Oil, pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of grand theft. He won’t serve jail time but must serve two years of probation.

Alonso owned MacMillan Oil and Hialeah Transport, which delivered the fuel bought by the county and the city of Hialeah.

According to public corruption investigators, Alonso and his drivers mislabeled low-octane gas as if it were mid-grade fuel, charging an extra seven cents a gallon. Between 2011 and 2014, the markup to Miami-Dade’s Aviation Department amounted to $3,362.86.

Hialeah shelled out $46,911.94 in extra money for its fuel, according to a final report by prosecutors.

Alonso, 67, will receive a “withhold of adjudication,” meaning no criminal conviction will appear on his record. He’ll have to pay the stolen money, plus $42,500 for the cost of the investigation and a $9,000 donation to two charities. The investigation was spearheaded by Miami-Dade police and the State Attorney’s Public Corruption Task Force.