Man asks his neighbor what he planned to do with a bat. His answer: ‘I’ll kill you’

Antonio Fernandez Ramirez
Antonio Fernandez Ramirez

A Hialeah man was charged with second degree attempted murder after police say he hit his neighbor in the head with an aluminum bat and critically injured him.

The incident happened at about 9 p.m. Tuesday at 4433 W 10th Ct. in Hialeah.

Police say Orlando Naranjo was walking to his car when he saw his neighbor, Antonio Fernandez Ramirez, approach him with an aluminum bat.

Naranjo, police said, asked his neighbor if he was going to hit him.

“Yes, yes I'll kill you,” Fernandez Ramirez said in Spanish, according to his arrest report.

Fernandez Ramirez then hit Naranjo hard enough that he was bleeding and unconscious, police said.

Police say Fernandez Ramirez later told detectives that he hit his neighbor and that he “didn't deserve it.”

A motive was not clear, police said.

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