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Miami father saves himself, son after carbon monoxide poisoning

Miami firefighters help a man who said he left a generator on in his house and was likely poisoned by carbon monoxide.
Miami firefighters help a man who said he left a generator on in his house and was likely poisoned by carbon monoxide. CBS4

It was 5 a.m. Thursday morning when a call came into 911 from a frantic father.

“I think we're carbon monoxide poisoned,” he said, as he gasped for air and begged for help for his son. “He's not responding.”

When paramedics arrived at the home on the 1000 block of Northwest 51st Street, both father and son were barely responsive, said Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll.

“They were in rough shape," Carroll said. "But they started to come around.”

Relatives on Thursday identified the man as Randy Simon and his son as Steven Simon, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS4.

Dorothy Howard told the station that her 12-year-old nephew is a student at Miami Springs Middle School and her brother, the boy’s dad, is a hard-working man.

“So far they both are revived so that’s a good thing and they’re going for testing,’’ Howard told CBS4 at the scene.

Carroll said the father placed a generator on the bottom floor of the two-story home because the power was turned off Wednesday night and ran extension chords upstairs.

In the 911 recording, the man explained that he used a generator to just get through until the morning.

The dispatcher told him to drag his son outside to the fresh air.

At first he says: “He’s not responsive at all.”

Then after a few seconds he says: “He's talking.”

“Oh that's a good sign,” he said “Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord.”

You can hear him reciting the Lord’s prayer until paramedics arrive.

Carroll said something had prompted the father to wake up and he didn’t feel right. He then checked on his son.

“Whatever it was that woke him up, probably saved both of their lives," he said.

Carroll said the pair was lucky.

"Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer," he said. "It usually claims the lives of people."

In April, a man was killed and several people had to be treated after a car was left running inside a garage of a Wilton Manors home.

Carroll hopes the tragedy will serve as a reminder that generators should never be left on inside or even near a home and that carbon monoxide alarms should be installed.

“This is preventable,” he said.