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'I hope your son dies in the hospital,' she said to one niece before shooting another

Tiffiny Gainous
Tiffiny Gainous

A family argument ended with an aunt shooting her niece in the shoulder, cops say, on a Tuesday night in the Liberty Square section of Liberty City.

Tiffiny Gainous' 27-year-old niece Jammie Thomas told Miami police her aunt said, "I did not mean it," after the shooting.

The arrest report says when officers arrived at Northwest 65th Street and 12th Avenue, Gainous sat in her PT Cruiser with a black-and-silver handgun resting in her purse. But it also says there was no weapon confiscated and Gainous doesn't have a concealed weapons permit. She invoked her right to remain silent.

Gainous, 35, has been charged with attempted murder causing injury with a firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was given no bond on the first charge, $5,000 on the second charge.

This occurred about a half mile from where Ronald Jones shot his 4-year-old niece, Nyla Jones, during a March 31 family argument. Though Jones remains in jail on murder charges, the family has insisted all along that Jones' gun accidentally went off during an argument.

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Tuesday's trouble, the arrest report said, began with a backyard argument between Gainous' brother and his girlfriend. As Thomas and Thomas' sister came out to break that argument up, Gainous showed up in the backyard. Thomas tried to get Gainous to leave.

Gainous started to leave, but an argument still erupted between Gainous and Thomas. Thomas' sister came by as backup for her sibling. Her argument with Gainous got so heated, Gainous took time on the way to her car to shout, "I hope your son dies in the hospital," at Thomas' sister.

With that, Gainous' brother tried to get between the women to give things a chance to cool. But when Gainous grabbed a black-and-silver handgun from the driver's side of her car, her brother skedaddled in fear.

Thomas' sister decided she needed a weapon, too, so she grabbed a stick from a kid playing on the sidewalk. Thomas grabbed the baton, literally and figuratively, from her sister. Gainous racked the gun, then, the report says, whiffed as she tried to pistol whip Thomas' sister.

But Gainous didn't miss when she fired at Thomas.

Thomas' uncle, Gainous' brother, ran back to help with his niece's gunshot wound the best he could. She would be taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center in stable condition.