Mayor discusses accomplishments and challenges at State of the City address

Mayor Luigi Boria after his state of the city address.
Mayor Luigi Boria after his state of the city address. Miami

Doral Mayor Luigi Boria reflected on the city’s growth Thursday at the annual State of the City address.

The room was packed with city staff, Council members and Doral police officers as Boria discussed the city’s accomplishments and challenges over the past year.

“Although we are very much conscious about all we still have to work on, we have to also admit we have made a tremendous progress in moving our city to the next level,” Boria said. “And what’s best, the leadership of this city is prepared to make decisions that do not just affect us today, but ultimately pave the way for our success in the years to come.”

In a lengthy speech, Boria outlined some city stats, including that Doral has doubled its population in 10 years, is 80 percent Hispanic and has an unemployment rate below 4 percent. He noted that the city is comprised of “a highly qualified, multilingual and multicultural workforce.”

“These are just some of the facts that make Doral the preferred destination of those who decide to open their business here, or make it their home — or both, like in my case,” Boria said.

Here are some highlights from Boria’s speech, where he described “some of those most remarkable accomplishments achieved in 2014.”:

▪ In August, Chief Donald De Lucca joined the city as the head chief of police. The police department implemented a traffic initiative to improve traffic safety and traffic flow during peak hours of congestion. They also increased police personnel and is in the process of remodeling the police department building.

▪ The city will be constructing a new K-8 facility in its northwest region. Doral Middle School will also be converted into a senior high school, with a capacity to host more than 600 students.

▪ On Nov. 19 the city broke ground on its seventh park on NW 114th Avenue Park — a facility of 18 acres that will have a 35,000 square feet cultural center.

▪ The parks and recreation department won the “2014 Florida Recreation Park Association Agency Excellence Award,” the highest honor an agency can receive at the state level.

▪ In 2014, the city’s Public Works department completed the construction and installation of 12 trolley shelters and nine benches. It also added four trolley units to increase the frequency of service on existing routes, along with expanding the operation on Saturdays and Sundays.

▪ The city completed the design of the bicycle lanes and roadway resurfacing improvements on NW 52nd Street between 97th and 107th avenues, and 102nd avenue between 41st and 58th streets.

▪ Doral has become home to more than 250 company headquarters, more than 100 Multinational Corporations, over 2,600 Trade and Logistics Related Companies, the #1 Tile District in the USA, and Home to the Miami Free Zone, one of the largest foreign trade zones in North America.

“You can rest assured you count on a group of individuals that sit on this Council, sometimes with diverse views, but with a unique passion and commitment to make Doral the best city of all,” Boria said. “No different views among us are above the love we all feel for this city.”

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