Doral police sergeant shot during firearm exercise returns home

Doral Police Department

Doral Sgt. Eric Fernandez returned home Saturday after several days in the hospital from being shot during a training exercise.

Doral police tweeted the good news with a picture of Fernandez, an 11-year veteran and field training supervisor, surrounded by fellow officers.

“We thank all those who kept Eric and his family in their prayers,” Doral police tweeted.

Fernandez, 29, was shot during an exercise that was not supposed to include real guns or live ammunition on Wednesday. Police were supposed to be using rubber guns and bullets.

The bullet pierced a lung and broke some bones but missed his heart by only two inches. Fernandez was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

On Thursday, he was moved out of intensive care and into a room in the hospital to recover.

Police are still investigating the training incident.