President Trump vows to take care of Venezuelans living in Doral. ‘Great, great people.’

A day after President Donald Trump’s remarks on Venezuela at the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, he held a news conference and vowed to “take care of Venezuela.”

One of his reasons? The president said he’s come to know many Venezuelans who live in Doral, the city in Miami-Dade where he has his Trump National Doral, a golf resort. In 2015, he staged events for the Miss Universe pageant in the city when he co-owned the pageant with NBC.

At Trump’s press conference, to questions on the restoration of democracy in Venezuela despite the Nicolas Maduro regime, the president said: “We’re going to take care of Venezuela. What’s happening in Venezuela is a disgrace. All options are on the table — the strong ones and the less strong ones. And you know what I mean by strong. Every option is on the table with respect to Venezuela.”

At the 2:07 mark in a video posted by CBS News, Trump says: “We have many Venezuelans living in the United States. Many of them live in the Doral area of Miami. I’ve gotten to know them well. They are great, great people. We are going to take care of those people.”

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