Somebody cracked a pipe. Now, the water must be boiled and a major road is closed

Water main rupture floods Doral street

A water main ruptured in Doral on July 2, 2018, flooding streets and causing a traffic nightmare.
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A water main ruptured in Doral on July 2, 2018, flooding streets and causing a traffic nightmare.

A main break has shut down a major artery in Doral and has put parts of the city under a precautionary boil-water alert.

Northwest 41st Street is closed from 114th Avenue to 117th Avenue was still shut down Tuesday afternoon, nearly 24 hours after a broken water main flooded the area.

Two police cars and seven traffic cones blocked off the thoroughfare, which is partially submerged in murky water after a contractor struck a 24-inch Miami-Dade pipe on Monday afternoon just as rush hour began.

The 41st Street exit of Florida's Turnpike is open for southbound drivers, but traffic is being directed west.

Construction workers attempt to repair the broken pipe on Northwest 41st Street. The street has been blocked off since Monday afternoon causing a traffic nightmare. Rebecca Ellis

Businesses lining the thoroughfare will have to make do with drenched driveways until the leak is fixed. Hampton Inn and Suites, right off the turnpike, has found itself encircled by a partial moat that guests must wade through to get to the entrance.

Employees were trying to sweep the water from parking spaces on Tuesday afternoon, but some spaces were too submerged. A worker said customers had complained that they were now parked in a few inches of water. Across the street, Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine remained closed two hours after its usual opening time.

The boil-water order will last at least through Wednesday, according to the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department. It won't be lifted until the water tests as clean for two consecutive days.

That's for those with water. Some businesses and homes in the area of Northwest 41st Street and 115th Avenue and Florida's Turnpike had no water.

Water pools up in front of the entrance to Hampton Inn and Suites on Tuesday afternoon. Rebecca Ellis

"Once repairs are completed and water service is restored, all water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice and washing dishes should be boiled until further notice prior to consumption," according to Water and Sewer . "Water should be brought to a full rolling boil for at least one minute. As an alternative, bottled water may be used. There is no problem with using the water for bathing and other household needs."

The affected area is bordered on the south by Northwest 34th Street, on the north by Northwest 41st Street, on the west by Northwest 136th Place and on the east by Northwest 107th Avenue. Also, there's an area bordered on the south by Northwest 41st Street, on the north by Northwest 42nd Street, on the east by Northwest 107th Avenue and on the west by Northwest 109th Avenue.

Those near the boundaries may experience "cloudy water" as water sediment may filter through when services are rerouted. Water and Sewer directed residents to let any murky water run until clear.

Miami-Dade College's West Campus remains closed. Without water, there's no working toilets or air conditioning. The campus says there will be a status update around noon.