We asked for your thoughts about Doral. Your answers weren’t a surprise.

Downtown Doral, developed by Codina Partners, features condos, townhouses, a business main street and charter school.
Downtown Doral, developed by Codina Partners, features condos, townhouses, a business main street and charter school.

People in Doral are pretty upset about traffic, a survey showed. Surprised?

Soon after Doral was ranked the fastest growing city in Florida, the Miami Herald asked readers what they loved and hated about Doral, a suburb nestled between the town of Medley and and the unincorporated community of Fontainebleau. Readers were also asked what they would change about the city and what its biggest issues were.

About 260 submissions were received, most of which were submitted by people who identified themselves as Doral residents. The survey was anonymous and unscientific, but the responses echoed comments heard elsewhere. Among the top frustrations were traffic congestion, odor from nearby garbage dumps and lack of affordable housing. Main thing they loved? The city’s proximity to nearby highways.

“I hate the traffic and terrible driving. Love the location. Can you just please stop construction? Please? Pretty please?” one reader wrote.

According to the U.S. Census, Doral has almost tripled its population since its incorporation in 2003. Last year, its population was about 58,000.

In the past four decades, Doral approved 50 projects that brought in 23,233 residential units. In the next three years, the city is rolling out at least 10 more residential projects, seven mixed-use projects, and 31 non-residential projects that include warehouses, hotels, medical facilities, parks, schools and office space.

In the survey, the majority of participants said the city is not equipped to handle its rapid growth. Most participants also said they were not willing to have their taxes raised in order to speed up construction. Many highlighted their love for the city’s parks, schools, and job opportunities, along with its proximity to the Palmetto, Turnpike and Dolphin Expressway.

The most congested intersections in Doral? Mentioned the most were Northwest 25th Street and 87th Avenue, along with Northwest 36th Street and 79th Avenue.

Hottest nightspots? Bulla, City Place, the Carolina Ale House and Los Verdes. Many had not yet visited CityPlace and Downtown Doral, the city’s two newest dining and entertainment hubs.

Many participants said that they’d like to see tree-lined streets, cheaper rent, a performing arts center, more trolleys, wider streets and more bike lanes.

And perhaps the most memorable commentator? A non-Doral resident who said he needs a personal motorcade when visiting the city. Oh and forget residential construction. Build more Chick-fil-As, he said.

Here are some excerpts of what more readers had to say:

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